Saturday, October 4, 2014

NJ WATCHDOG: Christie's biggest double-dipper quits

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Christie’s biggest double-dipper quits on cusp of NJ pension debate

As the pension reform issue heats up in New Jersey, the most prominent double-dipper in Gov. Chris Christie’s administration is stepping down today.

Lou Goetting has collected $140,000 a year as the governor’s deputy chief of staff in addition to an $88,860 pension as a retired state employee – a fact that repeatedly embarrassed Christie as he calls for changes in a state retirement system that faces a deficit in excess of $100 billion.

Ironically, Christie hired Goetting – pronounced “getting” – in 2010 as a top adviser on cutting the cost of government.

In addition to his expertise on fiscal issues, Goetting displayed skill in guiding more than $1 million in pension and severance pay from public coffers into his pockets.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad Christie isn't leaving with him !!!

Anonymous said...

Lou Goetting was also a Brookdale Community College executive during the years Peter Burnham was committing the crimes he is currently incarcerated for.

Monmouth republicans seem to love felons!

Anonymous said...

Maybe there are a few felons in that bunch. Birds of a feather flock together !