Friday, October 31, 2014

Is NJ's Most Haunted House Middletown's "Spy House"?

Recently the Asbury Park Press posted Weird NJ: Is Spy House America's 'most haunted house?' . In the past  I've also posted about Middletown's very only haunted house during this time of year. So I figured I'd repost my original story that  first appeared in 2011, as a companion to Weird NJ's  piece to give you another perspective on one of  (if not the) oldest houses in New Jersey, that's right here, in our back yard!:

While looking for an interesting ghost story to post in honor of Halloween, I came across a real treat. I found a 2003 documentary posted on Youtube (posted in three parts and recently updated in 2010 ) that featured arguably one of the oldest, if not the oldest home in Monmouth County, the Whitlock/Seabrook House a.k.a The Spy House located in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown NJ. It is said that as many as 23 ghosts call the Spy House home.

The documentary features Psychic Consult Jane Doherty, who years ago use to give ghost tours of the Spy House during this time of year. I remember taking a tour of the old house years ago when Doherty was acting as our psychic tour guide. It was a fun night and enjoyable experience even though we didn't meet any ghosts first hand that night.

I also remember meeting Gertrude Neidlinger on a few other visits to the house, she really was a special person she always made you feel at home, and boy could she tell a story! Neidlinger pasted away in 1998.

The 1st video below is a more recent, updated story of the Spy House. It was posted online this past August 17th and contains a brief summary of the house's history (containing some clips from the original documentary) along with the results of a paranormal investigation that was performed at the site.

These video's were posted on Youtube by The Paranormal Rangers, I hope you enjoy them.

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