Thursday, October 23, 2014

Harmony School PTO Hosts BOE Meet The Candidates Night Oct. 27th


Anonymous said...

Mike, Do have access to any background/qualifying information on any or all of the candidates?

Michael Morris said...

Donnelly and Griffin are incumbents. Chris Aveata is a personal crony of Tony Fiore and the Township Committee.

Aveata lost his seat on the BOE last year and is trying to regain it. I'm paraphrasing but his campaign signs said something like Taxpayers First, Children next. He also opposed the parents of Harmony School when he would support rehiring the schools principal. He eventually changed his tune when parents and other school principals and staff packed a BOE meetings demanding the rehire. You can google it and or search the blog to find the exact info.

The other two I have no idea about.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Aveta's wife serve in some volunteer appointment also ??

Local politics has no place in the education of our kids. NONE!!!

The residents should remember the days of "BAM".... Brand, Aveta and Mascione (? spelling) and the shenanigans of that election before they cast any vote for Aveta. The residents should also be aware Aveta voted repeatedly against adequate education funding.

If you think education is expensive...try ignorance !

And God help our kids !!

Thank the Lord mine are now adults....and were in school when Middletown cared about education and understood it takes money to provide that education.

Michael Morris said...

As far as I know, Aveta's wife is or was in the Middletown Planning Board

Anonymous said...

Mike, were you at the BOE candidates nights last year? I was hoping one of the candidates from last year would run again and not sure why he is not?

anon 11:05, I don't necessarily agree with you. Just because someone chooses to volunteer in town should not exclude them from other endeavors, especially if that person is competent.

Michael Morris said...

Anon 9:36,

Yes, I attended the Harmony School candidate forum last year. Who did you wish to see run again this year?

Anon 11:05a.m. said...

Anon 9:36a.m.,
No one said a person should be excluded because they volunteer in another capacity. What was intended was to show that politics in Middletown often times disregards ethics and those politics could be destructive . Nepotism leaves much to be desired where it is practiced.

Don't put words in my mouth....I only asked if Aveta's wife served in some capacity??

Firmly believe that partisan politics has NO PLACE on the BOE !!!

Anonymous said...

You are correct Mike, Tony Fiore signed Aveta's petition to run for the BOE initially.

Anon 11:05, Aveta did not just vote against adequate funding, he was the head of the finance committee and bragged about keeping the budget increase to an unsustainable 1% while fixed expenses increased by much more than 1%. When he was on the board we needed teachers but didn't have money to hire them.

He was not an advocate for the students when he was on the BOE, he was a shill for Tony Fiore.

This is how our current township committee operates. When they wanted to dip into the library funds they restructured the board so that it required more members, added their own people, took control of the library then raided their coffers. Now we have library board members who don't care about the library and if Fiore gets his way we will have a board of education that cares more about making Tony look good then they care about our kids.

I'm surprised that Aveta is trying to pull the wool over our eyes again. As I remember he finished 9th out of 12 candidates the last time he ran as an incumbent. Hello.

The people of Middletown might not pay close attention to the workings of the BOE, but they are on to Aveta big time. Let's send another message to Tony Fiore to keep his brand of politics away from our children. The adage about a word to the wise being sufficient apparently does not apply to Tony.

On election day, AVOID AVETA.

Anon 11:05 said...

Anon 9:18p.m.,

Playing with symantics doesn't change the fact that Aveta was NO FRIEND to the CHILDREN in Middletown. No matter how you cast it, education in this town was not properly funded and the lousy,dirty politics of this town's TC and their involvement in the BOE election where "BAM" was elected . REMEMBER the "CHRISTIE TEAM" and all their BS?? That election defeated the three women who cared deeply about our kids who were incumbents and it is a long road back from that episode.

THINK TWICE VOTER before you cast a vote for AVETA for anything....his ties to the lousy politics in Middletown are to be considered if YOU CARE ABOUT OUR KIDS EDUCATION !!!!!!