Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Democrats seek bipartisanship in Middletown

Out this week in the Independent is an overview of the candidates running for Middletown Township Committee. Below is an excerpt featuring the comments of Middletown Democrats Patrick Short and George Mardinly.

"... Democratic challenger Short agrees that the issues vary across neighborhoods in Middletown. He said he is running to help bring another voice to the committee to help raise new questions about those issues. 
Patrick Short
“Middletown has been ruled by one party for a very, very long time,” Short said. “ … I’m more concerned that there’s only one party affiliation than which party it is.”

In 2006, Short was elected to the committee as the sole Democrat, where he sought to raise questions that he said often went unasked.

He said the “larger picture” is bringing different perspectives to the committee through party diversity.

According to Short, some pressing issues facing Middletown that demand immediate attention include the Bayshore recovery, reducing traffic in Lincroft and finishing the incomplete bridge on Bay Avenue.

Mardinly echoed his running mate’s point of view, emphasizing what he said was the need to break the single-party dominance of the Township Committee.
George Mardinly
“Any good government is based on the diversity of opinion,” he said.

One of the universal concerns across all of Middletown’s neighborhoods remains the balance between investment in infrastructure and controlling taxes, according to Mardinly.

“If any of these things are going to be attended to in addition to all of the ongoing expenditures, it all comes from tax money,” he said.

In order to ensure the township’s taxes remain stable, Mardinly said it is important to prioritize spending and make decisions based on facts and data.

“You have to look at the numbers and the priorities, and then go from there,” he said. “The goal here is to work together, see what the economics are, and then see what can be addressed and what needs to be addressed in a sensible way.”

Read the full article from the Independent.


Anonymous said...

Two candidates from the article appear to have a record of results and a vision. The other two want people to vote for them because they are a different party. It's no wonder Democrats don't win in Middletown. The Republican candidates are just far superior.

As a bayshore resident, may I also add that the Bray Avenue bridge is a county bridge?


Anon 10:51,

Please substantiate your statement "the Republican candidates are just superior" withe some FACTS !

During the years Patrick Short served previously on the TC, he proved his capability as an advocate for the people and especially for those of you who live in the Bayshore
sections of Middletown.

The two Republicans currently running have shown nothing but condescension towards anyone in the public,regardless of political affiliation, who took issue with them. Just view the online tapes of TC meeting and see Murray and Fiore screaming at people in attendance at committee meetings.

It is the right of the people in this town to ask questions and it is the people's right to get answers to those questions.

This one party rule is Middletown is likened to a "dynasty" where anyone who disagrees is subject to intimidation and retribution or retaliation and character assassination .

Bi-partisan government is far more democratic and it is really necessary to government of the people,by the people and for All the people and that means every citizen of this community regardless of political affiliation !!!

Fiore and Murray have not displayed those qualities and just being republicans doesn't assure those qualities in any candidate!!

Anonymous said...

The Democrats are morally bankrupt, and this lack of morals filters down to the local level. Remember last year Linda Baum & the Library director were undermining our town and library, and emails proved it. Or in 2011 when the democratic candidate for town counsel was caught with drugs and 2 women in a motel room|topnews|text|Frontpage

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't expect the profiles to changes a partisans vote. I wouldn't expect a partisan to recognize why single party rule is bad. Living in a bubble has that effect.

anon 10:51 I think you are right about the BRAY ave bridge, however in the article Mr. Short refers to the BAY avenue bridge

Anonymous said...

Good news for George! He has a few more potential clients this morning. After all, he did defend one of the biggest heroin dealers in Middletown a few years ago who is still serving time.

Michael Morris said...

Ahh here we go, politics of distruction. If you can't find something intellectually to say against George Mardinly or Patrick Short , let's revert to personal attacks on character and innuendo.

Regardless of who George may have or may not have defended in court, that person under our system of justice deserved equal protection under the law.


Tell him,Mike ! This is exactly what I mean about character assassination and retaliation when these petty "little" dictators are disagreed with.

This is the United States of America and each of us is entitled to our own opinion but that does not give license to anyone to condemn anyone because of another individual's actions. This is the usual juvenile nonsense these integrity compromised Republicans characters and their cronies resort to when they are CHALLENGED !!!

Character assassination of people of integrity is the name of the Middletown Republicans game....year after year. IT IS AND HAS BEEN DISGUSTING !!

Speak for your Republican cronies before you attack anyone!!

How about the REPUBLICAN TC member charged with sexual harassment by the town clerk(the settlement has never been made public) and how about the other one who is still serving time for accepting bribes.How about the former freeholder candidate currently convicted of fraud in that land preservation deal awaiting sentencing for his crime!

YOU REPUBLICANS ARE NOT WITHOUT FAULT!! Not in Middletown,not in Monmouth County, not in the State of New Jersey And not in Washington,D.C..

Look in the mirror before you shoot your mouth off!!

Try the issues for a change!!!

This community desperately needs a change of government and a breath of clean air......

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:06a.m.,

When you start to throw dirt and mud. make sure you are not standing in the middle of the your own MUCK PUDDLE !!!

Anonymous said...

Our current TC is intelligent? Close libraries and open a methadone clinic, although Middletown ranked higher in heroin abuse than Asbury Park, maybe the TC saw that coming. Millions spent on astro-turf fields but we close libraries. They won't tell us how much of a drain the arts center is on the budget every year, running the heat and a/c round the clock to deal with the moisture issues, that's smart. Surprised they are not talking about dredging Shadow Lake, that was something they promised every year before elections. And the current and former TC members that are padding their state pensions, I guess they are smart gaming the system. How's Ray O'Greedy doing? Should be out of federal prison by now. Now they are balking on the length of service awards program for volunteer firefighters and first aiders. The list goes on and on...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:06 AM,
Speaking of moral bankruptcy: in 2008 Gerry Scharfenberger broke election law and tax law and strict university policy when he used the resources of Monmouth University to promote the campaign of Tony Fiore and Pam Brightbill. He was reprimanded by representatives of the University's president and legal department. Also, Dr. Scharfenberger, when being questioned by a Middletown resident about Shadow Lake during a Township Committee meeting lied when he responded to her question. Shortly thereafter his mendacity was the topic of a scathing editorial by the Asbury Park Press. Look it up; its a great editorial.

Anonymous said...

"Tongue Tied for a Reason"is the name of editorial the Asbury Park Press wrote about the slippery mayor and his inability to be truthful.

Anonymous said...

APP/editorial/tongue tied for a reason........will get you a copy of the editorial referred to here.....interesting, very interesting but not a surprise given the mendacity amongst Middletown's Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mr. Mardinly a Republican who ran as a Democrat because he wanted to get on the ballot?

Listen to what he says. If he is elected, he will vote right along with the other members of the TC...

Michael Morris said...

No, Mr. Mardinly is not a Democrat for convenience as you allege. He's a life long Democrat.