Wednesday, October 8, 2014

D4CC's Powerful Video about Congressman Chris Smith's Voting Record

District 4 Coalition for Change

We have been working hard for nearly 9 months trying to raise awareness about Congressman Smith. Thanks to our members and our amazing staff, many people in District 4 NJ now know about Congressman Smith and he can no longer hide in plain sight. NOW it's time to let the entire country know what we are doing and expose Congressman Smith to those that do not know about his anti women agenda. Perhaps we can inspire people all over the country to pay closer attention to who their Representatives are and how they vote.

Please watch our Powerful Video and share it with everyone you know.


District 4 Coalition for Change was established to raise public awareness about NJ Congressman Chris Smith's voting record. Most specifically his extreme anti-women voting record.

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Anonymous said...

war on women? Are you people serious with this?