Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thoughts On Middletown Day 2014

My hat goes off to everyone who helped put Middletown Day together and volunteered their time, without them the day wouldn't have been as successful as it was. The event was well organized and you couldn't ask for a more beautiful day.

However, I was a little disappointed. In years past there seemed to be many more people in attendance then were there on Saturday. I can remember being on the grounds of Croydon Hall and not being able to walk around without bumping or nudging into people. And parking, I didn't have a problem finding a parking space near Croydon Hall, not once but twice. My wife and son volunteered for the day and I walked around the grounds for an hour afterwards before leaving and coming back a couple of hours later. In all I spent about 5 hours at Middletown Day and just couldn't get over how few (relatively speaking) people were there. I was also surprised to see how many marked vendor spaces were unoccupied. Why was that? I couldn't tell you but it was noticeable. I know it seems like I am being nit-picky but this is all just an observation on my part.

While walking around the grounds I stumbled upon the Middletown 350 birthday cake that was donated to Middletown by the "Cake Boss" himself Buddy Valastro of Carlo's Bake Shop. The cake was set up in the Croydon Hall field house behind the "White House". If you didn't know it was there you'd have missed. It wasn't well advertised.  The cake itself was nice, it was pretty big but I wasn't overly impressed with it. I think it was too "busy" and looked a little sloppy even though a lot of work went into making it. After the cake was cut, I did taste a small piece of it. It was good, the cake was firm but moist and the chocolate filling was decadent, but over all it was very sweet. You couldn't eat much if you wanted.

Front view of Middletown 350 birthday cake from Carlo's Bakeshop

Rear view of Middletown 350 birthday cake from Carlo's Bakeshop

As I said above, my hat goes off to everyone who helped put Middletown Day together and volunteered their time. They did a great job!  Below are just few random pictures from the day.


I forgot to mention that I stayed to watch the Beatlemania concert and watch the fireworks display. The concert was very enjoyable, you can't go wrong listening to the Beatles. It doesn't matter if the band interpreting the group does a good job or bad job at performing the legendary songs (and the Beatlemania band that night was good), it's the songs that matter and will always be timeless.  The fireworks were also very nice, the display lasted 15-20 minutes with some spectacular mid-air kabooms. It's too bad though that more people didn't stick around to watch. I'd say by that by the time the concert and fireworks started there were less that 300 people there. MM 9/30/14


Anonymous said...

Wondering why the "condemned" "White House" is a featured part of the Cake Boss cake?

Anonymous said...

Mike, thanks fir the report on the day and cakep

Anonymous said...

You are right Mike, Mayor Murray and the Committee did an EXCELLENT job planning the entire 350 celebration and Middletown Day. We should definitely re-elect her in November!

Anonymous said...

I agree, let's re-elect her in another 350 years so she can plan the 700 celebration.

It sounds to me that they did not do a very good job publicizing and promoting the event based on what Mike considered a less than average turnout for what should have been larger than average crowds.

No worries, they have another 350 years to work out the kinks. Maybe they can start by telling their friends not to go on local blogs politicizing an historical celebration.

These gratuitous self-congratulatory posts on our local blogs and forums are so cheap and transparent. I guess that is what one should expect from the self proclaimed "Christie Team".

They take credit for everything positive under the sun and deny responsibility for everything else.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but my take away from Mike's article was that perhaps they did not do a very good job of publicizing/promoting the event since attendance appeared to be better in previous years.

Isn't that part of doing an excellent job of planning?

I'll bet if they had half as many signs around town promoting the event as they will have promoting themselves come election day, turn out would have been much better.

Also, I think some people might take exception to giving ALL the credit to the mayor and the committee.

But I agree, let's let the mayor and the committee plan the next one.....in another 350 years.

Anonymous said...

Middletown Day happens every year - people know about it.

I thought that the crowd was the same as last year during the day. The evening events were less well attended, but families with kids find it harder to stay at all day events.

It was a wonderful event capping a whole year of celebration. Everyone involved in the planning and carrying out of this day deserves praise -- no matter what the "out" party thinks.

This was a non-political event. Keep it that way!

Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful day....people went to the beach instead....perhaps that is telling Middletown something!