Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maybe It's Because They Can't Afford Their Own Polling: Monmouth GOP questions Democrats’ polling

(Freeholders Gary Rich and Lillian Burry)
The Monmouth County Republicans are cry foul over the fact that their opponents, the Monmouth County Democrats, are doing some polling. The Monmouth GOP says that Democratic pollsters are feeding negative information about incumbent Freeholder candidates Lillian Burry and Gary Rich to likely voters under the guise of a fake poll, calling the polling a "dirty tick".

 I agree, it is a terrible dirty trick especially  when you can't defend yourself against your own record. Crying foul is all that's left to do.

Naturally the Monmouth Democrats deny the accusations.

From the Asbury Park Press:

Monmouth County GOP is calling the latest Democratic telephone poll a “dirty trick.” Democrats say they are just trying to shape their campaign messages for the November freeholder election.
What the two sides can agree on is that a series of calls made on behalf of the county’s Democratic party went out early last week to registered voters.
The Monmouth County Republican Committee said questions about freeholder incumbents Lillian Burry and Gary Rich contain inaccurate information...
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