Sunday, September 21, 2014

Letter: Scolavino Won't Take Time Off When There Is Work To Be Done

To the Editor:

Did you know Congress and my opponent Chris Smith just voted to give themselves the next two months off! So regardless of the fact that the economy remains stagnant, that we are in the beginning stages of a new war and that immigration is no closer to being fixed, Congress has chosen to take the next 2 months off the job we pay them to do in order to campaign. They spend more time trying to keep their jobs than actually doing their job! I somehow manage to run my law practice, be an adjunct professor, execute my duties as the public defender in a local town and serve on the board of my church, while running this campaign. I find the idea that my opponent takes months off every year from his job, while the common person has to work two or more jobs without time off just to make ends meet insulting. If you are sick of these professional politicians who are out of touch with the real world, it's time to vote them all out on November 4th.

Ruben M. Scolavino
Congressional Candidate for New Jersey 4th Congressional District

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Anonymous said...

This skunk wants to take away my rights. The US constitution provides the right to bear arms. This skunk wants to run for an office spelled out in our constitution to undermine the constitution and our rights! He supports gay rights that is how he will take away our freedom of religion, these liberals think they can force Christians who are bakers or photographers to support gay weddings, but they cant force drug companies to provide drugs to execute convicted killers. If you want to live in a Godless gulag vote for anti American skunks like Scolavino. Remember when people use to say it's a free country? I'll bet you haven't heard that in a while.