Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Letter: If Guilty, Mayor Lucas Could Star In Own Reality Series

Dear Editor,

In 2006, BET (Black Entertainment Television) ran a series entitled, "Lil' Kim: Countdown to Lockdown" chronicling the last 14 days of freedom before the New Jersey based award winning female rapper entered a federal prison in Philadelphia to serve a 366 day sentence.

It has been said time and time again that politics is Hollywood for ugly people, so why should such reality TV success be limited to rap stars?

This Wednesday will mark the start of the federal criminal trial of ex-Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas who is facing multitude of serious felony fraud related charges, stemming from a controversial land deal that put $1,158,000 of taxpayer funds into Lucas' pocket.

If Mr. Lucas is found guilty, he will meet the same fate as Lil' Kim. So why not go out in style and generate some income to pay off fines and restitution?

I propose that BET produces a new series entitled "Mayor Lucas: Countdown to Lockdown" the story of one man who went from Princeton, to Politics, to Prison. He's a smart, likable guy that could help BET gain a new fan base within the Republican Party. Talk about entertainment.

Maybe if we're lucky, by the end of this sad reality show we'll see a spin-off series featuring Monmouth County Freeholder Lillian Burry. Bring popcorn, a total lack of ethics and a cash filled envelope.

Eric Hafner
Toms River


Anonymous said...

Or maybe if we are really lucky we can never have a Dem as freeholder ever again.

PS- why does someone from TR care about Monmouth politics???

Anonymous said...

Politicians are thick as thieves and it does not matter whether they live in Ocean or Monmouth County or on whether they are Republicans or Democrats !!

Don't be naive,anon 9:51p.m......you know better than that !!!

The Monmouth County Republicans(Burry,DiMasa and Rich should be ASHAMED of the Lucas fiasco....plain and simple and to perpetuate the nonsense is example of how little regard the "old guard" of Monmouth County Republican politicians have for the people they represent. Patronage versus integrity prevails again.

And what do you really think the cost of the end result will finally be when legal costs are factored in ?????