Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chris Smith Agreed to Oppose Climate Change Legislation

District 4 Coalition for Change:

(NYC Climate Change March, 9/21/14)
Congressman Chris Smith agreed to oppose any legislation relating to climate change unless it is accompanied by an offsetting amount of tax cuts for the worst Carbon Polluters - the Koch Brothers.

If Congressman Smith lived in NJ and experienced Sandy and Irene with the rest of us, perhaps he might feel differently. Smith has lived in Virginia for over 30 years.

STOP Congressman Chris Smith in November.

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Anonymous said...

I wish all elected officials would stop wasting our money on this climate change hoax!!!!!! When it became obvious that there was no global warming the power grabbers renamed it climate change. And the only way to save the planet would be if we lived with no creature comforts such as heat while Al Gore and company flies in personal jets.