Friday, August 29, 2014

Smith Called Out For His Extremism In The NYT

Seeing how Chris Smith is Middletown's other U.S. Congressman. He started representing our town in 2012 and thought I should pass along the following Letter to the Editor that appeared in the New York Times earlier in the week.

The more Middletown voters get to know Chris Smith, the more they are to dislike him:

To the Editor:
Re “Quackery and Abortion Rights” (editorial, Aug. 21): Women in this country should not be fooled into thinking that efforts to restrict access to abortion and reproductive health services are a Texas problem or a “Southern” problem. In fact, there have been several moves to pass federal “personhood” bills by conservative House members.
Most recently, in the 112th Congress, H.R. 374 was proposed, which said that life begins at fertilization, making abortion virtually illegal, as well as virtually outlawing birth control pills, the IUD and the morning-after pill. Representatives Christopher Smith and Scott Garrett of New Jersey and Michael Grimm of New York were the bill’s co-sponsors.
If ever a midterm election were important on the issue of women’s reproductive rights, this November is it. If Republicans take the Senate as well as the House, access to women’s reproductive health services will not be just a Texas problem, but also a national one.
Ridgewood, N.J., Aug. 21, 2014


Anonymous said...

Life does begin at conception. I am in Middletown and wish I was represented by Smith! Frank Pallone the author of Obama care had town meetings and did not care his constituents didn't want Obama care.

Anonymous said...

Speak only for yourself.anon 10:30p.m. and keep your religious views also to yourself. NOT ALL OF US AGREE WITH YOU !!

There is much settled law that gives ALL women the right to choice and the right to control their own bodies.

The Affordable Care Act has protected and provided health care to everyone. It's as beneficial as Social Security and Medicare.

I am in Middletown and Rush Holt used to represent me and I sure wish he still would (retiring from Congress) but Smith is now representing this area after redistricting. God help us all if self serving,clergy wannabees prevail in upcoming elections. This country will be like the third world countries.Freedom of religion is the law of the land (by virtue of the U.S. Constitution) and religious oppression is against the law !

An accident of birth does not make a female a lesser person than a male. Did you ever hear of "equal rights under the law" ???

The republicans in this country are nutty as they can get today and a good many need their heads examined! Their prejudices against women,the needy and the poor, the elderly and a black president will destroy these republican idiots!!

Smith does not deserve re-election!

Anonymous said...

At one time slavery was settled law and thankfully people of conscience were not silent because it was settled law.
Equal rights under the law should apply to the unborn child. Gender develops at the 6th week not birth. There is a difference also between being allowed to do some thing and having the government pay for it. If we have 2nd amendment rights why should we have tpo but ammo?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:09,

Does that include vasectomy as well as abortion when considering public funding ??

Gender is a genetic result of conception and no male embryo is a better human than a female !!!

And all humans are entitled to equal rights regardless of gender!!

Talk about are a flaming AH !!! Another religious nut job !!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the penis principle,anon that your argument ?

Anonymous said...

Smith's legislation seeks to keep a woman from using money in her own flexible spending account for abortion. This goes beyond having the government pay for anything. Employers offer such plans to their employees as it enables them to put aside money from their own paychecks for medical expenses not always covered by insurance.

If you are seeking to impose a religious mandate on a secular employee's benefits package, you better make sure you also ban Viagra and vasectomies...after all, the lord wants man to spread his seed!

Anonymous said...

Vasectomy in a male is similar to a woman having her tubes tied these procedures prevent conception they don't end a life.
Life is the result of conception gender develops later.
All Humans deserve to live, the fetus is in a woman's body but is a unique person.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:51,

You are way out of your league unless you are a medical doctor, which I doubt.

It's about time you minded your own business and let each of the rest of us mind our own business which includes control over our own bodies whether male or female!

If men had the babies, abortion would be a sacrament !!

Anonymous said...

I am minding my own business an using my freedom of speech to speak truth.
I don't consider sexual fulfillment worth ending the life of a human being.
The right we have from the constitution are better than the phony rights liberals want to give us

Anonymous said...

Rape is unrestricted sexual fulfillment and unprotected sex acts are ignorant sexual fulfillment and make no mistake about the aggression of those acts. Use your freedom of speech anyway you like BUT DO NOT THINK YOU CAN IMPOSE YOUR BELIEFS ON ANYWAY EXCEPT YOURSELF!!!

Unless you are a physician or a cleryman, you are not qualified to try to dictate to anyone !!

As said before, mind your own business, follow your own conscience and let the rest of us do likewise and let the law of this land address any real infractions of the laws of this land.Too many religious wannabees try to interfere with the rights of included!!

Preach to someone who wants to listen to you and many understand that people DO NOT WANT TO HEAR what YOU have to say !! You are entitled to your opinion but so are the rest of us entitled to ours .

Anonymous said...

We do agree rape is bad. I am not trying to dictate anything I am just speaking the truth. There is no constitutional right to kill unborn children. There is a constitutional right to bear arms, but there is an additional 11% tax on guns and ammunition. Pro second amendment people don't complain they cant use flexible spending account funds to buy guns. It seems if liberals like something the government should pay for it, if they disagree with an activity should be banned.

Anonymous said...

Guns versus unborn fetuses....are you nuts and is that the best comparison you can make ???

Truth in your eyes is not necessarily the truth of the matter of a legal question or a constitutional right.
Unless you have a JURIS DOCTORATE you are not nearly qualified to make that determination !

You are trying to impose your opinion on others, plain and simple and many of us do not agree with you....period!!!

It's not your business what anyone chooses to use their flexible spending account on, it's the business of their health plan and what it allows and it certainly is not any politicians business.

Anonymous said...

I am not comparing guns to babies, I am pointing out that if the government does not pay for an activity or allow flexible spending account money to be used to pay for an activity you seem to think the government or Smith is taking away your rights. This seems to be a common liberal mindset.
Truth is what corresponds to reality.
There is a reason the 1st amendment provide for freedom of religion than freedom of speech.

Tell It Like It Really Is said...

Blame everything you are opposed to on the liberals !

Maybe the "TRUTH" of the matter is that many people think you religious fanatics or gun toting nut cases are
a danger to yourselves and the rest of those of us who desire a democratic and peaceful society where we are all entitled to our rights under the laws of this land!

In case you don't understand .....this means mind your own business and stay out of mine or ours.
Carry your guns if that makes you feel a BIGGER person,spout your religious crap if it pleases you BUT WE DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN OR AGREE WITH YOU.....and grow up, this is the twenty first century not the days of "slavery" or whatever drives you to try and force your "TRUTH" on others!

Smith does not deserve re-election and perhaps the voters he fails will take notice to his failing and atrocious voting record. He even uses his wife to mail letters to the women of his district...pushing his and her religious agenda. That is a failure to separate church and state.

Peddle you BS to someone who gives a damn what you think.....most of us don't and that is not a liberal mindset,it's the "TRUTH" of the matter from a freedom loving,law abiding citizen of this country that doesn't like ultra conservative extremists that butt into other people's business or try to bully those who do not agree with them !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A life is a life! No one should have the right to end a persons life in or out of the womb. This what I believe and no one will ever make me believe differently.

Anonymous said...


No one is trying to tell you what to believe ,that's your business but keep it to yourself because the rest of us are all are entitled to believe as we choose also without interference either !!

Life begins at birth or viability or whatever the laws of this country state ! This is fact not conjecture as you insist .

Religion is hypothetical. "To each his own" !

Anonymous said...

Why would any person vote to be represented or ruled by people who don't value human life?
A genetically unique person begins at conception - a fertilized egg now hosts a complete genome, making it distinct from the sex cells that came before it.

If life begins at birth why do 38 states have fetal homicide laws?

Anonymous said...

GIVE IT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OR SHUT THE ____ UP !!!!!