Saturday, August 16, 2014

President Obama's Weekly Address 8/16/14 : Everyone Should Be Able to Afford Higher Education

WASHINGTON, DC — In this week’s address, with schools getting ready to open their doors again over the next few weeks, the President talked directly to students and parents about the importance of preparing for an education beyond high school. In today’s economy, some higher education continues to be the surest ticket to the middle class, but for too many families across the country, paying for higher education is a constant struggle. The President and First Lady know this first hand – they only finished paying off their student loans ten years ago – and that’s why they have made it a priority to help make college more affordable for families. They have taken action to reform student loans, expand grants and college tax credits, help make loan payments more manageable, and have proposed plans to make sure colleges also do their part to bring down costs. And just this week, as part of the President’s Year of Action, the administration announced a new series of commitments to support students who need a little extra academic help getting through college.


Anonymous said...

lol....affordable because hard working Americans will have to pay more for those that don't save, plan, and choose a major/college that is affordable.

Anonymous said...

Affordable so hard working Americans can obtain employment and be able to save. Their parents could not earn enough to save because corporations moved offshore with all of the good paying jobs.
Corporations would rather pay slave wages to foreign workers than supporting the American dream that they had when they were growing up. Greed is going to ruin our country.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:16p.m.,

Ignorance is bliss and as usual it's the same ole ...same ole BS from the likes of you .....
When if ever do you see reality and think about the opportunity that all young people should be given??? This would be a more prosperous country as a result of more affordable educational opportunity for our youth. They are the future of this country.

Just look at the success at the vocational school systems.....and they are part of the public school systems !!!

Stop your narrow minded diatribe and the greedy negative crap that reeks of selfish bias and bigotry.

Anonymous said...

anon are so ignorant of reality. The fact that you resort to the type of retort you did demonstrates a lack of intellect so I'm not surprised. In my line of work, I know the educational system at the collegiate level extremely well and the poster you responded to is dead on.

anon 3:16....blame our high corporate tax rates, political and regulatory structure and don't forget, NJ is now in the bottom 5 for business friendly environments falling from top 10 30yrs ago. You want people to have jobs, stop the handouts, give incentive to businesses to actually want to have operations here, and stop pushing college for everyone as some kids should be going to trade schools. It's amazing how many trade schools have closed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:28,

Not all students are "college material" and vocational schools provide both opportunity and educational programs better suited to those that are not interested in vocations that do not require four or more years of that kind of schooling.

Colleges do not educate plumbers,electricians,professional cooks,beauticians, or vocational schools do. Nothing lacking in intelligence or intellect about that reality. YOU DO NOT KNOW IT ALL !!!

Some people go to college and get degrees that serve no useful purpose and then those people cannot find employment.A college education is no panacea and to think that way lacks "COMMON SENSE" !!!

Anon 10:28, you are only worried about YOUR POCKETBOOK, not concerned about opportunity for all individuals.....that is the American dream.Our youth all deserve a chance, regardless of social or economic status, and failure to educate them is a failure as a nation. Intelligent young people are not all rich but they all deserve a CHANCE in life.

YOUR attitude is selfish and lacks any thoughtful intellect !

Anonymous said...

Just more bigoted diatribe that sounds like pure anti Obama,Anon 4:16.. What a shame !