Friday, August 29, 2014

Letter: Rescind Mental Health Appointment

To the Editor,

As a former mental health counselor and school psychologist with a doctorate in rehabilitation counseling, I am dismayed and aghast that Freeholder Burry has appointed William Bucco, her former campaign manager, as the acting assistant director of Monmouth County's Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Reportedly, Mr. Bucco has only an undergraduate degree in business and zero mental health experience. Mrs. Burry commented that he saved money in the last county job she gave him. Such bean -counting does not provide the much -needed empathic support to the clients of these county services.

The current county crisis of heroin addiction, homelessness and post-Sandy stress requires experienced, competent professionals to lead this critical division.

The appointment of Mr. Bucco needs to be rescinded.

Carolyn Schwebel, Director, Equalizers,
Advocates for People with Disabilities
Leonardo NJ

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Anonymous said...

Maybe she can help someone file suit against Bucco filing his new position. That is Schwezel's specialty!