Monday, August 11, 2014

Chris Christie's "Shirk Week"

By Joshua Henne

With “Shark Week” in full blast, we just wanted to share this timely video on Governor Chris Christie’s “Shirk Week.”

Christie talks a big game. But, as this video shows, the governor already broke New Jersey’s economy. Now, he’s not only breaking his word by failing to make promised pension payments…he’s breaking the law in the process.

It’s simple: New Jersey’s pension doesn't need a commission or a study stocked with a handful of super-wealthy people unlikely to have any clue as to what it means to live on a fixed-income. The pension needs to be fully funded, as promised and required by law.

So, in honor of Shark Week…I mean “Shirk Week”…we hope you’ll enjoy this short video highlighting Christie’s continued failures.

Christie didn't only break his word when it came to funding the pension. He also broke the very law he signed and touted as a “major accomplishment.” Gone is the fanfare. Gone is the chest-thumping. And gone are the taxpayer-funded banners proclaiming the “Jersey Comeback.”

Instead, we’re left with Christie’s limp lack of leadership…as he continues to shirk responsibility at every turn.

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