Tuesday, July 1, 2014

TIME BANKING: Make Ends Meet Without Money

By Linda Baum

When you have 5 minutes, read Yahoo article "We Make Ends Meet Without Money". It gives a great introduction to time banking and has personal accounts from people – busy people just like us – who have benefitted from being part of a time bank network in ways they never expected.

Monmouth Cares has been working to bring those same benefits to the Monmouth County community. A local time bank has been set up through the hOurWorld website. There is even a Middletown group within the network for persons who want to exchange services more locally.

You need an account to participate in the network. If you are interested in joining, email Ashley Lobbato at alobbato@monmouthcares.org or call her at 732-222-8008 ext. 118. You will be contacted about the application process or invited to an orientation or potluck.

You can find a short description of time banking ... HERE 

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