Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Write-In Candidates Beat Incumbent GOP County Committee Representatives From Middletown's District 28

For the most part yesterday's primary election in Middletown went as planned, both Democrats and Republicans had uncontested races for Middletown Township Committee. Democrats George Mardinly and Patrick Short won their party's nomination as did Republicans Tony Fiore and Stephanie Murray.

Interestingly however, was that while the election went as planned for those on the top of the Republican ticket, it didn't fair well for a couple of longtime GOP County Committee people further down the line. District 28 incumbent Middletown Republican County Committee members Andrew M. Zapcic, Sr. and his wife Kathleen Zapcic, were beaten rather unexpectedly by two write-in candidates, Rudolf Wobito and Jennifer Valencia. Wobito and Valencia are members of the Chapel Hill Neighborhood Group, who oppose the building of the all-girls high school, Trinity Hall.

What messages have been sent or what impact those message will have in regards to the outcome of the Trinity Hall application that is nearing a final vote in front of the Middletown Planning Board later this month, is any one's guess. I suspect however it won't have much, even though Wobito, Valencia and other members of the Chapel Hill Neighborhood Group are hoping otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jen and Rudy. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to preserving Chapel Hill.

Anonymous said...

They must have no idea how little that means in the grand scheme of politics! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news...our local politicians are bought and paid for.- it is time to heed the will of the residents, not just those with hefty checkbooks.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever doubt that our local politicians are beholden to their donors? Shame on you !

This integrity compromised crowd pontificates about cheating while doing exactly that....cheat.connive and masquerade as representing the people.

What a farce. Just look at the anon 3:11p.m. comment.... ??

Anonymous said...

Golden could loose by 2 votes.

Anonymous said...

Golden won and just what change will that make ?? Politicians are thick as s--- ! and twice as nasty.