Thursday, June 5, 2014


For Immediate Release:

It is a great moment in our campaign as we now begin the fight to win back Washington in earnest. I
have thought long and hard about what I can bring to this upcoming campaign, and more importantly as
your future voice in Washington. It is clear that Washington is broken and the primary reason for all
that is wrong with politics comes down to one specific issue, namely that of the influence of special
interests and the incredible amount of money they spend to influence our lawmakers. It is no longer a
Congress for the people, but rather a Congress sold to the highest bidder. From the NRA to Super Pacs
to corporate lobbying groups, elections are being decided by who raises the most money. Unfortunately
the organizations that finance these campaigns and elected officials, do so with the expectation that they
will decide what goes on the agenda in Congress. As these groups are allowed to spend more and more
money, they become the only voices that have any impact on lawmakers in Washington. The needs of
regular people like you and me are being ignored and our votes become diluted in favor of the wealthy
and special interests.

That’s why I have decided to do something different in this election. I will disavow any contributions
from special interests groups or PACs or Super Pacs or other organizations. I will not sell myself in
order to win this campaign! This will be a campaign based on issues, about the people, for the
people. I will contact any group that has already been contacted by my campaign, and inform them of
my decision and give back any funds that have been accepted by my campaign. But more importantly I
will challenge my opponent and all those who are running for Congress this year to do the same! Give
back the special interest money and run on the issues! We should no longer expect our Congress to be
sponsored by corporate interests. So join me if you support the idea that Congress belongs to us, and
spread the word on Twitter and Facebook using #CongressionalChallenge. Contact your
Congressman or candidate and tell them that you want them to join us in the #CongressionalChallenge,
vowing to accept only individual contributions and to give back any money from PACs or other special
interests groups. Let’s take back our Government!

Ruben Scolavino

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