Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stop the School Shooting

For Immediate Release:

Republican Congressman Chris Smith says that he feels sorry for the victims of the recent spate of gun violence. We are tired of politicians "feeling sorry"! We demand action right now! This do-nothing Congress has sat around avoiding the issue of gun control for too long.

Since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook in December of 2012 there have been 74 school shootings. Just this year we have already had 37 shootings on school grounds. What more does this Congress need? How many innocent lives have been lost since Chris Smith took office over 30 years ago. Yet Smith has opposed universal background checks, and has done nothing to ban the sale of assault rifles, like the one used earlier this week in Portland. As many of you know, I have promised not to sell myself to special interest groups like the NRA.

I will stand up to powerful lobbyists and dedicate myself to taking assault rifles and other dangerous weapons off the street. I will fight to make sure that background checks, waiting periods and limits on the sale of all guns becomes the law throughout this entire country. I ask that you do what's right to protect our children on November 4th and vote Scolavino for Congress.




Anonymous said...

Now look at the real numbers, as analyzed by CNN. Yes CNN, not Fox.

That 74 number is from Bloombergs group. Next up, the number of Big Gulps sold since diet soda came out.

Anonymous said...

Politicians always say what they are "going to do" but never say how they are going to do it. I am very interested in hearing HOW he will take assault rifles and other dangerous weapons off the street. I would like to hear his plan before the election. What type of additional background checks will he propose? Who will administer them? What type of waiting period is he talking about and to what end?

Anonymous said...

Has this candidate ever served in the military? I doubt it, as anyone who has served knows an "assault weapon" is a fully automatic weapon (one pull of the trigger unleashes multiple rounds).

An AR15 is NOT an M16, it is a semiautomatic, not a fully automatic, weapon and is not an assault weapon.

Weapons, any weapon, whether a firearm or a knife, in the hands of a lunatic can be dangerous.

Before we ban "weapons", we should look in the mirror and determine why we are doing nothing, or very little, about mental illness which leads individuals to go on a rampage.

I have no problem with individuals owning weapons (it's a Constitutional right); I just wish more were properly trained in their safe use.

Anonymous said...

Time to repeal the second amendment. Even a militia of 10,000 gun toting "patriots" will be easily incinerated by a nuclear bomb. If we started this process in the 1940s when the amendment officially became anachronistic, the river of tears shed for our murdered children would have been largely avoided.

Anonymous said...

To 10:35
Repeal the 1st, 4th, and 14th while you are at it. Then I can lock you away for saying something like that and Mike for printing it and there will be nothing you can do about it. You will probably be better off anyway, because only the criminals will have the guns then.

Anonymous said...

Allow CCW in NJ. Denying NJ residents their 2nd Amendment rights is the only crime here!

Anonymous said...

OMG at least we know who not to vote for in November. When Madmen are attacking innocent people this dodo birds idea is to disarm "we the people".