Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fire Disrupts Diners In Red Bank

I was at the Farmer's Market earlier today with my son when we decided to head on over the Broadway Diner on Monmouth Street for "brunch".

Shortly after sitting down and ordering our pancakes and eggs an obviously upset, shirtless man came into the diner and said something to the hostess. After walking outside and looking up the hostess came back inside the diner and notified the patrons (myself included) that we needed to evacuate the premises due the flames that were coming out of the window of the apartment to just above and to the left of the diner's kitchen.

Everyone existed the diner in an orderly fashion and within no time fire trucks from Red Bank, Fair Haven and Middletown were on the scene.

John Ward, the reporter from Red Bank Green showed up just after the first fire truck arrived and got the scoop as to what started the fire. Evidently a faulty air conditioner unit was responsible for the blaze.

Here are a few pictures I took while standing along the street:


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Anonymous said...

Good pictures, sorry to hear your breakfast was interrupted, yet rather unusually eventful.