Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day of Remembrance At The Vietnam Veterans Memorial In Holmdel Highlighted By Huey Helicopter Dedication

By Linda Baum

Today, May 7, was the dedication ceremony for the Huey helicopter at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Holmdel and was a Day of Remembrance for all those who served. Below are some pictures, and if you look closely, you will see that there is a human model sitting behind the helicopter controls. There was a great line-up of speakers today and many dedicated volunteers to thank for all the work done to restore the helicopter and build the plaza around it, which we were told was a dirt field just last September. They revved the helicopter engine at one point to show that it is in fact a working helicopter, but, assuming the blades are working, they did not turn them on. That probably would have blown all the flags over, not to mention a whole lot else. All in all, a great day and a job very well done! Many thanks to all our veterans for their service.


Jorge J. Martinez said...

Thank you for your comments, although I need to make an observation. The helicopter is not a "working" aircraft. It does not have an engine and is missing many other flight-critical parts. The engine sounds we heard are a recording and were built into the display as part of the monument's design. I hope this clarifies your comments. Thank you again.

Linda Baum said...

Jorge, thanks for that clarification!

Anonymous said...

Still a job well done. As we in the 116thwould say, "You done good."
James Mew, 116th AHC