Monday, December 30, 2013

December 18, 2013 Middletown Planning Special Board & Middletown Township Public Library Meetings

Here are a couple of videos that I had meant to post earlier in the month but due to the holidays I missed posting hem in a timely manner. Both videos are rather long and I haven't had time to review them completely. The Planning Board meeting however did receive a write-up on Middletown Patch. It was at this meeting that the Planning Board was to give final approval for or against the Taylor Lane housing development. I believe that approval of the site plan for Taylor Lane was turned down and the developer is appealing.

The Library Board of Trustees Meeting was held this same night as the Planning Board meeting. Some questions were asked about the new library budget and lively discussion was held about the purchase, rental and subsequent loss of various DVD's and audio CD's. The discussion turned somewhat petty and really was more about how the library spends its funds at year end rather than how the DVD's and CD's are borrowed. Here is a copy of the meeting agenda.


Linda Baum said...

FYI, if you click on the agenda for the library board meeting and scroll down, there are meeting minutes. The minutes provide some time stamps for where certain discussions can be found in the video.

Ouch said...

Will you finally be appointed to the Library Board like you have been begging for years?