Tuesday, November 6, 2012

News From the Front: Problem With Voting Machines in Middletown

I have been at my polling location since 6am this morning acting as a Democratic challenger to say that there are issues at the polls may be an understatement at this time.

If you live in Districts 7,15,17, 26, 27,37 or 46 and are voting at Thorne Middle School this morning, located on Murphy Rd., be prepared to be there a little while. There are issues with all the voting machines.

There are  two ballot questions that are to be voted on today, as well as all the candidates for elective office.

 If you wish to vote on the ballot questions, as well as candidates, you must vote YES on each ballot question or NO on each ballot question for the voting machines to work properly, you can NOT split your ballot votes. If you wish to split your votes on the ballot question you must vote by paper ballot !

If you vote by paper ballot, than you must also vote for all the candidates on the paper ballot as well. You CAN NOT split your vote between the paper ballots and machine voting.

If you wish to NOT vote for the ballot questions, than you can vote for the candidates on the voting machines.

And some machines are not working at all and are waiting to be replaced.

Am I confusing anyone yet? I'm sure I am, so you can understand how people that have made it out to the polls feel thus far this morning.

This voting location represents ~15% of Middletown voting districts and I am now hearing about similar issues at other Middletown polling places.

A representative from the County Board of Elections showed up and said that there wasn't much that could be done other than what I described above.

I've been in contact with people from the State Democratic HQ who are currently looking into these issues. Hopefully these problems will be rectified soon; voters are not happy and are concerned about the integrity of their vote.

. All these machines need to be replaced ASAP before the lawyers get involved, otherwise this could really be a long day!!

I'll update this post as the day go on to let everyone know what happens.

10:19 AM UPDATE - I now hear that all voting machines in Middletown are not working and paper ballots must be filled out.

2:35 PM UPDATE - Middletown Patch confirms voting problems

3:45 PM UPDATE - Voting machines for Districts 7, 17 & 27 are back online while Districts 15, 26, 37 & 46 are still being worked on.


bigbluegiant said...

At District 4 voting at Croydon Hall you had to vote on the questions before anything else was done. One machine they would use if you weren't voting on questions.

A woman was registering after me as a Challenger. Maybe you could explain the Challenger People Mike -Thanks

tropyek said...

My wife and I voted about 5:30, the paper ballot was ok, but we didnt like handing it to a man who did whatever with our votes the envelope would have been good idea but wasnt given the opp.
"When they going to turn electric on"