Wednesday, November 7, 2012

APP: Middletown mayor says state has failed his town

Hmmm.... according to an article in the Asbury Park Press today, Middletown's mayor, Tony Fiore, is a little upset about those forgotten wet-siders over in Belford and Port Monmouth and is blaming the state for a lack of support.

It seems a bit like what I was talking about a few days ago when I posted about the plight of Danae Goodall-Wilson.

Danae is still struggling but according to a couple of correspondences between us and what she has posted on Facebook, she is getting by.

Her and her daughter are going back and forth between their house the houses of friends. They currently have a good supply of food and water and lots of blankets to keep them warm. They are packing up what they can and desperately trying to find somewhere new to live so that they can get back to work and school.

Danea is grateful to all who expressed their concern and offered their help and support.


Anonymous said...

That's old news. That story was reported in the APP last Saturday.

Middletown Mike said...

Old news ?? I haven't picked up a copy of the APP in weeks and haven't looked at it's content online for days.

So what's old to some is new to others.

Anonymous said...

So our mayor is whining about gov cc the way new orleans whined about Pres. Bush? Is scharfenbagger whining too? gov cc did not abandon him, gave him a cushy high paying job.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the State has let us down. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, start squeaking on behalf of all those affected.

What is our local government going to do on behalf of all of us affected by the storm?

I am fully aware of and appreciative of the exhaustive efforts by the fire depts., the police dept. and the public works dept. as well as the many volunteers.

It's winter, we need housing some temporary some permanent.

For those of us who can make repairs to remain in their homes
is there anything that can be done on the local level to help expedite the flood insurance claim process? It has been 8 days since I submitted my claim and I am still waiting for an adjuster so that we can get the necessities; heat, hot water and electric repairs started. Hopefully this can be accomplished before our pipes freeze and burst.

I am fully aware of the magnitude of this storm, perhaps they can reach out at the state or federal level and get us more claims adjusters?

Will the municipality waive permit fees for those effected?

Anonymous said...

Politicians all have a way of making most of us sick..... Maybe this mayor thought that cc was gonna come hold his hand because gs works in Trenton as a patronage appointment.

Let's get real.

CC has a whole lot more to worry about then Middletown's mayor.He's got a WHOLE state to be concerned for and that cc is doing !!

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party in Middletown has ignored the Bayshore for years. the only time any progress was made to help bring relief from flooding was when Pat Short and Sean Byrnes were Township Committee members. Pat had a plan that he had developed with Ted Maloney and funding was available for it. When Pat wasn't relected and Sean was re-elected the following year the plan was downsized.

Anonymous said...

The only time the Republicans in Middletown want anything to do with the Bayshore is when the Republicans want the votes of the Bayshore residents. These people repeatedly vote for the wrong representatives and ignore the good representation the Democrats have given them. When do the Bayshore residents WAKE UP ?

BTW, both Pat Short and Sean Byrnes each only served one term, neither was rewarded with re-election for excellent service. SAD,very SAD !!

Smell the coffee Bayshore residents !! Politics in this town is sick.

Anonymous said...

Update to Nov 8 @ 4.46 am

It's now been 11 days since I filed my claim with the NFIP and I still have not heard when the insurance adjuster will be coming out to assess the damages.

It is my understanding That I am not alone.

Through the NJ State Dept. of Banking and Insurance, Governor Christie can be emailed directly, and I did.
Anyone having the same difficulty should follow suit.