Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Your Town - Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 1- 1/01/12

A new year and a new addition of It's Your Town newsletter is now available.

This first issue of 2012 covers the annual Reorganization meeting of the Middletown Township Committee which took place on New Year’s Day, Sunday, January 1, 2012 and includes all of the resolutions that appoint people to various Boards, Commissions and Committees in town. However, of all the appointees listed only about 25 were present to be sworn in.

This issue is the 56th newsletter published since the first issue debuted back in December of 2009 which covered the December 7th Township Committee Workshop meeting.

Due to the time that it takes to put the newsletter together, it's author Don Watson, has decided that he will be take a break from writing it on a regular basis shortly. The next issue that will cover the January 17th Middletown Township Committee meeting may be the last issue for a while.

But don't fret over the loss of the newsletter, Don Watson still plans on keeping the public informed of what transpires down at Town Hall. Don plans on videotaping the bi-weekly township meetings and posting them online so that resident can watch the Middletown Township Committee in action for themselves instead of reading about them.

The Township Committee meetings have often been described as the "best show on earth" by Don who now feels that the newsletter, which is written very matter of factly, hasn't been conveying properly what really goes on at Township meeting. He feels, why write about a meeting when he can provide people the opportunity to watch them?

Don will be announcing soon via email to all those that have subscribed to the newsletter,when and where they will be able to see the recordings. If possible I will also post the videos here for reader of the blog to look at.

So until then, enjoy reading the last few issues of It's Your Town newsletter by clicking onto the link.


Anonymous said...

You mean there is more going on than what is in the newsletter? It's about dam time someone is going to video tape the meetings. Thank you Don for keeping the public informed.

Anonymous said...


If at all possible please try to post the videos of the TC meetings.

I've attended a few and although I don't relish the idea of appearing on video when I need to address the TC on a particuliar matter,it most definately needs to be done.

It will truly be beneficial to the taxpayers of Middletown who care to view them. In addition, some of our professional educators may wish to use it as part of a civics lesson.

Will we still have access to the documents; resolutions, bill lists, etc.?

MiddletownMike said...

Anon 12:34,

Earlier today I spoke to Don Watson about the newsletter. He wanted it to be known that he has no intention at this point to stop producing the newsletter all together, it he will make it available in some form after he starts videoing the meetings. I have been planning to update the post with this information.

Don has also stated that when he posts the videos online he will provide links to all the documentation that he currently provides in the newsletter, so you will be able to look over and read the bill lists as well as the various ordinances and resolutions proposed by the Township Committee.

Anonymous said...


Thank you. And Don thank you as well.