Monday, December 19, 2011


by guest blogger Linda Baum

TOMSA and the Library – two topics I write about often. The differences are innumerable. Now, though, they may have something in common.

In my 11-28-2011 post, “The $500,000 Raid on the Library Won’t Be the Last -- The Township Committee adds two additional Library Board members, sets the stage for majority control in 2012”, I speculated that the new members of the Library Board would be well-entrenched members of the Republican Party who are already serving on other boards or commissions.

Fast forward to the Library Board meeting on Wednesday, December 14th. I arrived late to find two other visitors in attendance. One was APP reporter Kevin Penton, who attended the November Board meeting as well. The other fellow, dressed to the nines in suit and tie, looked oddly familiar. He obviously recognized me as well and tried to hide his face. It dawned on me that I know him from the TOMSA Board meetings. I decided to try out a maneuver I learned from Pat Parkinson when I attended my first TOMSA Board meeting. I said, “Hi. I’m Linda Baum, and your name?” He had his guard up and replied dryly that it was nice to meet me but that he chose not to give his name, stating his right to privacy as a member of the public.

Putting TOMSA Board members’ names with their faces has been a struggle because there are no name plates at TOMSA Board meetings even though it’s typical practice by other boards, including the Library Board. So I’m not sure who the man is, or whether he is a TOMSA Board member or perhaps one of TOMSA’s professionals or high-level employees. However, I’m told he fits the description of TOMSA Board alternate member Emil Wrede, who is also a member of the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

The man, whoever he was, left early. So did Committeeman Settembrino. At the end of the meeting, I told the Board that they had probably just met one of their newest members. Wendy Latona, Library administrator, said she already suspected as much because he came in the day before to ask for a copy of a resolution. She didn’t say which one, but he obviously obtained it on the spot. In contrast, I have yet to receive even a phone call from TOMSA in response to my own information request.

I guess we will have to wait until Township Reorganization Day on Sunday, January 1st at noon to find out, with certainty, who the new appointees are. Another date to keep in mind is the Township Committee’s regular meeting at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, December 19th, when there will be a hearing on the Township ordinance increasing the membership on the Library Board. See you there.


Anonymous said...

As a member of the Library Board, why would Kevin Settembrino leave early from a meeting he is supposed to be sitting on? He truly has the best interests of the library in his sights.

Anonymous said...

Settembrino has no USE to stay at any Library Meeting now...he accomplished his prior agenda: getting on that Board to strong arm people, SECURING the surplus money earlier in the year to SAVE the Township Budget..Mission accomplished. Too bad the money he "shook down" from the Library didn't save people's jobs and some very popular services.

Anonymous said...

At the town committee meeting last night, they mentioned that outgoing Committeewoman Pam Brightbill would continue to serve on several boards. My guess is she's one of the two new appointees to the Library Board. I've got money on it.

Anonymous said...

Silva is a Jackass, he has lied to his employees, he has accused them of stealing, he is not the guy that should be in charged of our Parks and Recreation. Every Dog has his Day, and now, he's getting his. I myself have asked him and wrote a letter to the township about renaming a field after a person that coached girls teams for years and helped the township on his own time to keep the fields up. I was turned down and told that they dont do that at fields. Sure, look again Middletown, you've missed a few.

Anonymous said...

eg. Trezza Field where the Chargers play !

The politics in this town are SICK.

This community if full of ignorant,self serving,biased jokers and nitwits .......

As the saying goes "the world is full of AH's and they all stink !"