Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Making of a Republican Candidate in Middletown...

1) Plump a bio with appointments 2) Conceal employment

by guest blogger Linda Baum

Stephanie Murray is this year’s new republican candidate for Middletown Township Committee, and, as usual, her bio touts appointments to various boards & commissions, including the Housing Authority and Zoning Board.

You might be wondering what qualifies Ms. Murray for her role on these boards. Probably nothing. She was appointed by our republican-run Town Committee for only one reason, to pad her bio and fool us about her credentials. My guess is that she didn’t even have to bother filling out an application for membership, which I recently learned can be the case for appointees who are hand-picked. Ms. Murray most certainly took the spots deserved by more qualified candidates.

In fact, room was made for her on the Housing Authority in January 2010 by bumping the then Vice Chair of the board, a highly regarded, dedicated individual with a real estate background who, unfortunately, is not a registered republican. The former Vice Chair had also successfully completed the five courses required for Housing Authority board membership. It’s not clear if Ms. Murray has. She had 18 months from the date of her appointment to do so, which means she should have completed the requirements by July 2011. I’ve been told that if the deadline is not met, past practice has been to promptly terminate board membership. However, per the Department of Community Affairs, that decision is left to the discretion of the Housing Authority Chairperson, another member of Middletown’s republican party.

Ms. Murray was added to the Zoning Board in January 2011, but as a 3rd alternate, not a regular member. As a 3rd alternate member, she has voting rights only on those rare occasions when more than one member of the Zoning Board cannot attend a meeting.

Another detail that Ms. Murray has failed to reveal to the public about her background is that she writes fantasies under a pen name and has for many years. Her skill at story-telling should serve her well in toeing the party line.


Anonymous said...

That's the pattern. Settembrino only lived in Middletown three years before he was on the TC, only two years before he was on the Middletown Zoning Board...wonder what took him so long? He's a republican operative and professional politican with 10 years in East Rutherford. He was expected to run for State Senate in district 36in 2007 but backed out and moved here. His buddies didn't make him wait too long.

Beth said...

I keep on hearing about this Steph Murray's other occupation. Can't wait for someone to ask her at one of the meet the candidate's forums.

jeff said...

Stephanie Murray has no business running for public office. No experience in the community, no credentials and an obvious problem with disclosing the truth.
Not a good start. Then again all she has to do is follow orders from Peter Carton and the gang. Just what we need,
another empty headed puppet taking up space on that dais.

Anonymous said...

Keep waiving those signs on the corner Linda. That may get you some notice to run next year. You will have an attractive resume to run on. A single woman in her 40's with no children, no family, and a penchant for looking like a cook at township meetings. Aside from the $4000 donation to the Democratic campaign, you have no legs to stand on.

rich Morrill said...

I am a member of the Middletown Housing Authority. I have been there for over 5 years. Ms Murray
managed to politicize The board in one year. One of our employees took
on 30% more work from HUD and was not given a raise even though ther money come from HUD not middletown. Ms murray's attitude was the main reason for o ne of the better employees to suddenly retire. I was a Republican when I was appointed but am now an Independent and running for the township committee as an Independent. My web site is

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:10

In reality I'm quite sure you do not want Ms. Baum to run for the TC. You see, she is one who can not be fooled by the current TC. She has taken the time to learn who those on the TC represent. The TC does not represent the citizens, they represent their "party".

Ms. Baum continually presents relevant, important questions to them which either they refuse to offer a direct answer or they tell her "time is up."

I would very much like her to run for office and when she is elected we will know that there is someone sitting on the TC who represents the citizens. Of course, I'm sure that is something you do not want.

Former Republican voter said...

Rich: Thank you for taking up the fight against the Republican machine. I'm an Independent and won't be voting Republican. Haven't for the last 3 years. I'm thoroughly disgusted with those controlling this town. They are not for the tax payer; only for lining their own pockets. Sick to death of the arrogance and self promotion of the lot of them.
I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.

Rino said...

anon 8:10. I don't give a rat's ass where the Dems get their donations.
Tell me where the Republicans get theirs and you'll see it's all about pay to play.
I didn't know that Linda was a "cook". Good for her! Add it to her resume.
I'm sure she's a whole lot smarter that the kooks who spread lies about her.
Tell me what's wrong with being 40 and single? Is that a problem? But Linda is not running and Cassandra is.
Stephanie Murray is a joke. Anyone who knows her thinks she has no business running for office. The fact that she hasn't disclosed her little hobby speaks volumes about character.
But you wouldn't recognize someone with character; look at the wonderful human specimens the Republicans put out there.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Linda! I've been hoping someone would bring to public attention the sub-par qualifications of Steff Murray. Unless you count wishing the USA a happy birthday on the Fourth of July on her facebook site....which I don't.

Anyone crack the mystery of why she is being "groomed"-
Who is she related to or friends with? I mean other than Art Gallagher? I've seen kids run for class president with more substance than her

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rino. What’s wrong with being single? That’s an advantage. Someone with three small kids certainly doesn’t have the time to do any real work for taxpayers.
And, you know, there are plenty of unmarried men who run for office -- nobody seems to have a problem with them. But one election at a time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich for blasting Stephanie for not giving our raises that weren't warranted. Maybe you should run as a Democrat with those types of liberal decisions to give raises (even if the money was HUD).

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:10

Why do you start right off attacking the blogger? Do you have anything to say about what’s written in the article? Nice attempt to draw attention away from the subject matter. Also I notice your idea of a resume doesn’t include Ms. Baum’s educational studies. I’ve never seen a resume that leaves that off but includes age and marital status.

Anonymous said...

Rich Morrill says he wants to end cronyism on his website. So Rich, tell the people of the democrat party on this board who got the most recent full time position as executive assistant to the executive director? Yes, people, that would be Mr. Morrill's neice.

Go ahead Rich, tell the people how you give 3% raises or more at a clip and also wanted to give a $6000 car stipend to the executive director until it was overturned. $6k to drive 1/8 of a mile between two complexes.

Maybe you didn't leave the Republicans, they kicked you out.

Anonymous said...

Wow Linda...What a hater!!!

All you have done is proven what a hateful woman you are. And clearly very jealous of Ms Murray's life.

Maybe you should stop making personal phone calls at work during YOUR state job and EARN YOUR SALARY which is paid on the back of taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Ms.Murray,with three small children and a resume that's vacant of any credible qualifications beyond the ability to say"yes,anything you say,Mr.Carton" should stay in her kitchen and perhaps get some education and smarts before she tackles this job.. It's no fantasy,Stephanie, it's the REAL world.

God spare us the incompetence heaped on the people of this community by what "tries to pass" for government in township these last few years. One empty headed broad after another. And the males are no better and ethically challenged as well.

Rino said...

anon 12:33, I'm still laughing. Jealous; that's a good one.
I didn't detect hatred in Ms. Baum's post. I read an honest depiction of how the Republicans choose or rather make a candidate.
Your silly comments are just that. Makes me wonder if you have a brain yourself.
What would you know about Ms. Baum's job. Do you work with her?
This is so typical of the Republicans. If you can't defend yourself attack and make up crap.
I haven't heard one word from any of you jokers out there denying Steph Murray's writing erotic, paranormal novels under a pseudonym.
After what Scharfenberger pulled last year, I want full disclosure.
The voters have the right to know who they're voting for.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:33: Sounds like you're the one who's jealous. Linda Baum has a brain and you don't.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:42: Do you really want us to believe that Steph Murray has any say in how she votes? She's told to do whatever Mr. Carton says.
Another empty headed puppet. Someone else mentioned Stepford wife. I think that's a good description.

Anonymous said...

The bizarre attacks here against Linda Baum for being single illustrate what an alternate universe the local Township Committee apologists live in. They are truly stuck in some type of 1950s time warp where being an unmarried woman is cause for comment.

If the TC fan club is trying to push marriage and procreation as job qualifications, then my suspicions are confirmed that the only qualification for office in the current Middletown feeding trough is a PULSE. And after seeing some of our TC members in action, I can't even be sure that much is required.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned Murray's facebook page and yes, it is a hoot. Mike should really do a Murray "highlight of the week" as far as idiotic comments. My favorite one is "Please "LIKE" my running mate Tony Fiore"....

You just can't make this stuff up folks.

Legion said...

I'm a bit surprised at you, Linda...

Personal attacks? Not usually your style.

But what about the "credentials" of the Democratic candidates?

What positions in local government have they held?

Y'all are really in no position to harp on how a party picks candidates, given the arrest records of your recent ones, you think?

Anonymous said...


Playing in the muck piles again. Weren't your vicious attacks on Pat Walsh enough and your rotten mouth where other people in this community have been slandered ?.

Talk about qualifications for even opening your have NONE !

Just chief cheerleader for these unqualified,ethically challenged and integrity lacking characters from the scraps of the current Middletown Republican party.

Decent people want no part of what the republican party has become and that's why they are imposing carpetbaggers and numb skulls on the residents of this community.Just so the chairman maintains control.

Makes one wonder just what rewards are in local politics,but your appointment as reward for your vicious tongue certainly indicates what some rewards can be doesn't it ?

The residents are neither naive nor stupid. We understand perfectly and your kind should keep a low profile because we fully understand your mode of operation! Morally and ethically challenged !

Anonymous said...


Just one name, Ray O' Grady and one recent sexual harassment settlement the taxpayers helped pay for.

"Pot calling the kettle black " aren't you !!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of arrest records, do the names O'Grady and Gallagher ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

Poor Legion -still campaigning against the democratic candidate that she wishes were running, instead of the one that is.

Rino said...

Legion: Your argument might hold water, except that person is no longer a candidate for obvious reasons.
Linda is not attacking anyone personally. She is merely pointing out the facts. If they weren't true, that would be another story.
Sorry to burst you bubble.

To obsessed 9:50am said...

9:50am Anon: Cool your pipes. You are abnormally obsessed with this person. Are you the stalker

Anonymous said...

Just know who the idiot is and stop avoiding the issue..that poster is a flat out nut job! Void of brains and we are all sick to death of her ! Go post your idiotic criticisms on MMM or the Monmouth County Jail site. Art would love to hear from the cheerleader and that's the only one who cares what "it" thinks.

If anyone is a stalker it's the blabboon , Legion!!!!

Tell It Like It Is said...

Anon 5:17....

The person who writes as Legion and a s**t load of other names should peddle her opinions where they are welcome and don't believe anyone here is interested in her opinions of the author of this article so what does it take to get rid of this head case anyway.

Condemn,criticize,belittle,demean....who in hell cares what you or she thinks anyway ?

Legion said...

I keep telling you that I am not who you think I am.

At this point y'all are just playing with yourselves - I hope it gives you pleasure.

But you don't answer my point to Ms. Baum.

How can she pick on Ms. Murray's credentials when the credentials of her party's current and former candidates are even worse?

If someone made the argument that a viable candidate had to have some previous government service, you guys would be all over that as being "elitist," wouldn't you?

Fortunately our system of government is set so that any citizen can run for and serve in office, so long as they are elected by a majority of the voters in an election.

Ms. Murray is who she is, with her education, abilities and experience. The voters will decide if that's enough for them.

Just stop looking so damn dumb, and it IS plain dumb to criticize her government experience when your candidates have none...

Anonymous said...

Legion has on several occasions attacked Fowler for lack of experience in government yet gets her hackles up when the same charge is leveled against Murray. Minimally, Fowler does not try to hide what she does for a living, and unlike Murray, has roots in the community that show she is committed to the township.

Having read Murray's facebook site in which she describes herself as a "public figure" and does a mean impression of a teenager running for office, it's a slam dunk for Fowler, even if her government experience is the equivalent of the Republican's valley girl.

Anonymous said...

Ladies & Gentlemen, the main event for 2011. presented by the Middletown Republicans------

"The Fibber and the Flapper" .

Legion said...

Anon at 9:27

Reading for comprehension isn't your strong point, is it?

What I've said about Ms. Fowler isn't a criticism of her lack of experience - it's her rank amateurism as a politician.

I give her a lot of credit for not being a politician and being willing to put herself out there and running for office -- that's far more than most people do. Good for her for that!

But she comes across as an amateur, a novice, when she parrots what the DHB have been saying without even understanding the flimsy basis for their tired rants.

Here now, comes Ms. Baum, complaining that Ms. Murray really doesn't have any government experience at a time when Democratic candidates in Middletown have far less and can't even avoid getting arrested!

Not a very political astute thing to bring up when your own candidates are so lacking, huh? Yep. Pretty. Damn. Dumb.

Fortunately for the Ds, no one reads this blog anyway...

Disgusted and Unafilliated said...


You are so full of yourself and horse dung,it's a hoot.....HA HA HA HA.

What or who ever made you think you know it all and you constantly cultivate hate,distrust,anger.disgust and you name it,you are representative of it of these days the republicans will realize what a real pain in their a$$es you really are. If you are the "face" of the Republican party in this township today , it really is time to vote for the Democrats !!!
Long past time!!!

jeff said...

Legion: "Fortunately for the Ds,nobody reads this blog" Then why are you reading this blog? Is it your mission to contradict and try and discredit the posters here? You given us so much double talk. I wonder why you waste your time if no one reads this blog.
I really don't give a crap who you are, but I find your tone condescending and and self righteous.
Please go back to Art Gallagher. He needs you more than we do.

Anonymous said...

So, Legion's criticism of Fowler is not lack of government experience (something that may actually assist in governing) but not being a "politician" (something that assists in getting elected and staying in office year after year after year).

Is it any wonder she is on team Fiore/Murray?

Anonymous said...

Legion aka Stop the Socialists,aka Brownsugar 1970,aka dig1129, aka cons1234, aka jetfan69, aka Villagegreener and on and on and on.....lots of demeaning of others under many monikers but the game is always the same...condemn,demean,contradict and lie at will on the Asbury Park Press, More Monmouth Musings, Red Bank Green and now here on your site, Middletown Mike.

It's disheartening to see an informative blog go down that road. Guess the political season just invites the crazies !

Anonymous said...

I wished you could have seen the performance by team Fiore/Murray at the candidates' debate tonight. This backs up what you say about the making of a Republican candidate.
The debate was pretty much dominated by prominent Republicans in the audience and Steph Murray's very aggressive brother in law asking very pointed and specific questions. (Do ya think this was all planned out? You betcha!)
Rich Morrill was put on the hot seat and went at it with Murray as well as her brother in law. It was quite a show.
All I can say Ms. Murray has been groomed in the Republican school of arrogance and attitude.
Jim Grenafege appeared very knowledgeable, respectful and in complete command especially when things got a little heated.
Carol Fowler held her own even when Tom Hall asked her if she knew the Township bought new Fire Dept. as a capital improvement attributing that to our $70 million debt. Basically suggesting that our debt was due to just capital improvements and we have to fix our roads. Sure Tom.....our debt has nothing to do with waste and mismanagement!
It was so obvious to those in the audience that these people were plants.
My question is why didn't the Dems ask questions as well?

Anonymous said...

Was the audience aware that the questions were asked by Murray's brother in law? What is his name?

Seems very odd that a relative of a candidate should even be allowed to ask questions as if he were an unbiased taxpayer. Can you imagine a national debate with the President where Michelle's brother got to ask questions of the candidates?

Anonymous said...

Just illustrates how low they willing go.

Really makes decent people in this town wonder what are the rewards to justify these kind of actions.

Hate to think about what we are really paying for????

Anonymous said...

He never gave his name before he went after Carol Fowler. We only learned who he was after the debate.

richmorrill said...

I am Rich Morrill and after last nights Meet the Candidates, I see that I have a target on my Back from the Republicans. The question about my Nieces employment will be address on my web site. I did not know that the heckler was Ms Murrays brother in law but the woman with looked like Ms Murray. I approached the gentleman after the meeting and inquired how close he was related to Ms Murray. It thenm dawned on me that he almost started a fight at the Rush Holt Town Hall meeting. Maybe he should run for a position ssince he is smarter than everyone else

Anonymous said...

If this same man was causing problems at one of those Rush Holt meetings, then fair to say we have entrusted the future of Middletown to a group of politicians who will resort to the lowest forms of bullying and intimidation to quell honest debate. This has nothing to do with Republican and Democrat- this bunch just happens to be Republican.

If they had anything to offer the township, they would not have to resort these tactics. . But then anyone reading this blog has read what really matters to the township defenders- being a "politician" not being a representative.

Anonymous said...

This matter involving Mr. Morill's niece was referred to on this blog by Legion and then poof there is a heckler bringing it up at candidate's night. Is there really anyone who doesn't know who she is and what she and her "mentors" are up to?

Anonymous said...

An update: Legion aka Imemine26 and possibly Surfer89 as well as all those others "screen" names she uses on the App comments section. Even talks to herself....psycho case if ever there was one.

Is there really any doubt who this character really is....don't think so.

The cheerleader !!

Is there any doubt about what her game is?

Don't think so !! It's called SICK POLITICS !! And the Republicans are are part of an epidemic !!

Rino said...

Thanks for standing up to the "club" and fighting for the people.
I'm sick to death of the lies and hypocrisy by GOP in this town.
Not the grand party I used to be proud of.
Not that I'm sold on the Dems, but the Republicans have royally screwed this town. And they crucify anyone who gets in their way.
Non partisan would be even better, but that would take a miracle.

The real Big Mike said...

So a friend of mine told me about your left leaning site. As is typical with all leftist people, you dont report the news. Instead you report your side of a story and in your head, you actually believe it to be accurate. We do have one thing in common. Im big Mike also...Im big cause Im 6'4 and 230 lbs. Your Big cause your 5'11 and 320...Either way we have something in common......

As I read through you posts, it hasn't been to difficult to see why you have never hit it big in journalism. I think I'm going to due some poking around also.Your life needs to be examined a little so the other bloggers know who they are talking to. There must be a picture out there of you shoving a few yodels down your throat while watching Tom and Jerry reruns. There must be a credit acrd that you made a late payment on or some doctors visit that you had and gave a flase name to avoid payment. You obviously arent a fan of Michele Obamas anti obesity campaign so I wont find anything there.

Im a personal friend of MRS. Murray. Yep I said it..Can you imagine. What scares liberals is the truth. You won't discuss the issues because you will lose. So you try to dig up some secret dirt that you think will help sway votes. Here is the Deal...Her Dedication to public service is unquestionable. In fact she does it for free....Her parental skills are awesome. She is a wonderful mother and wife. She is loaded to the gills with friends. Her children go to Catholic school to learn about God. Just like some jewish children go to Hebrew school. She is basically knowledgable in every subject from why trees have leaves to the liberal agenda....She lives her her life based on code and dignity.

Now, if you want to discuss political issues Im your man. If you want to try to figure out waste in Middletown, again Im your man. And if you want to slant people or talk trash Im your man once again....I think it wouldnt be in your best interest to go that route. If I start diggin, I go all out...That includes everybody in your circle...just saying...........

MiddletownMike said...

Hey big Mike


Anonymous said...

Real Big Mike, Middletown Mike has friends too. And as far as you being tall, is that supposed to be intimidating? Please, you are a little prick acting tough on the web. Come up to Irvington and see how tough your cracker ass really is. Oh I went to Catholic school for a while myself (St. Agnes and Mater Dei) realized how horrible the schools were and then received a real education at Middletown South. Maybe that is why most of the catholic schools have closed down?

Anonymous said...

Lots of comments. Reading thru all of them, two questions remain.

Has Ms. Murray successfully completed the five courses required for Housing Authority membership? She was supposed to have done so by July 2011 but still remains on the Board.

Does Ms. Murray write under a pen name?

These are 'yes or no' questions. A direct answer would nice, but so far no one is talking and a lot of effort is being spent on redirect.