Thursday, September 9, 2010

It Was Grenafege Vs. Scharfenberger In A Heated Exchange During Budget Meeting

One of the more lively exchanges that took place during Tuesday night's budget adoption meeting in Middletown, was the heated words that flew around the court house between resident Jim Grenafege and mayor Scharfenberger.

There has been bad-blood between the two that dates back to 2008 when Jim Grenafege ran on the Democratic ticket for a seat on the Middletown Township Committee.

Durning that campaign Scharfenberger, who is a part-time adjunct professor at Monmouth Univeristy, was caught using the Monmouth University's email system to send out false and misleading campaign information about Grenafege and his running mate to Republicans and their supporters in Middletown.

Scharfenberger's ethical lapse nearly cost Monmouth University its IRS tax exempt status and was in clear violation of Monmouth University's Guidelines for Political Activity.

To this day it isn't exactly clear what disciplinary actions, if any, Monmouth University took against Scharfenberger. And since this time, whenever Jim Grenafege stands in front of the Township Committee to address a concern that troubles him mayor Scharfenberger usually looks away and ignores him, that was until Tuesday night.

Dustin Racippio from the website caught the exchange and wrote about in his column:

"...Frustration mounted when resident Jim Grenafage, a meeting regular, criticized the committee for lacking transparency — a common complaint at the meeting — and accused it of withholding information from committeeman Sean Byrnes, the body’s lone Democrat.

Scharfenberger, clearly chafed by the “heavy accusation,” uncharacteristically let his frustration show, and got into a back-and-forth of raised voices and finger pointing with Grenafage.

“There’s much more of an effort to keep things opaque than to bring transparency to the town,” Grenafage said...."

If you would like to listen to it for yourself I have the audio posted below. I hope to have an expanded sound bite soon of the exchange because much of what is not captured in this piece of audio was very insightful and at some point should be looked into.


Anonymous said...

What was the false and misleading campaign information about Grenafege and his running mate?

Anonymous said...

It's about time Scharfenberger was held responsible for all of the breaches in ethics and integrity he commits.

The revaluation,the turf fields,the exorbitant increase in the municipal tax levy,the violation of citizens rights and the list goes on.

The taxpayers in this town are paying legal fees for a lawyer to babysit this mayor (why else would there be an unelected individual sitting next to this mayor on the dais),who seems to behave as though he was elected to be there. Guess that is an area in which the taxpayers could save money if the mayor knew how to conduct himself and it seems clear he does not.

Rudeness and unbridled,pontificating arrogance is the agenda of this individual
currently serving as mayor as he repeatedly tests the bounds of civility and legal behavior.

The conference table down front of the dais was good enough for Bernie Reilly for all the years he served in this town,why is it not good enough for Brian Nelson??

Jim Grenafege is ,without a doubt,absolutely right in challenging Gerard Scharfenberger's conduct and ethics.

The time is long overdue when Scharfenberger should realize respect is earned.......and he has no clue!

Anonymous said...

Annoy 6:46 a.m.:

Are the mayor's snakes are out of their cave again, ms. cheerleader ??

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:46 ... I was the 6:46 poster. What are you talking about? I am new to this blog so maybe I missed something. Why would you call me a snake?

I just wanted to know what our mayor said about this Mr. Grenafege & his running mate ... that is all

Anonymous said...

If the Township is in such poor financial straits, why are they wasting the residents' hard earned tax money on Middletown Day???? It's like a slap in the face after having your taxes go up to see them spend our money on something so frivolous. At least cut the festivities out until we're in better economic condition

sickofthelies said...

anon 6:46 When you talk about false and misleading information, Mayor Scharfenberger gets the prize in that department. Nobody does it better.
He knew we had a $5.5 mil. budget shortfall in 2009, but never did anything to curtail what would be an inevitable huge rise in taxes. He now claims he had no control over the loss of revenue. He stated he does the budget through osmosis, and doesn't need a Finance committee. He stated he had a budget plan in Feb.,but no budget till July. Misled the residents of Shadow Lake Village that the lake would be dredged.
Misled Pop Warner about getting a turf field. Misled SONIC telling them the turf fields were on hold. Misled the residents with the municipal tax increase.
Stated that the township was mandated to take a pension deferral in 2009, which was not true. When do we start paying the $1.5 mil back? We are already in the hole for 2011! So many lies, too little time.
Mayor Scharfenberger, YOU'RE FIRED.

MiddletownMike said...

Anon 6:46

Sorry for the delay in responding to your question, I was not available for most of yesterday.

Unfortunately the hyper-link to the email that was written by Scharfenberger does not enable the document to be read very easily. I am working on finding the original to post.

In his email to friends and supporters, Scharfenberger insinuated Grenafege and his running mate had ethical problems, which he did not name, and a history of raising taxes.

If you met Jim Grenafege you would find out that he is a person that does not take ethics lightly, honestly and integrity are very high on his list of priorities.

Grenafege has never received an apology or any other type of acknowledgment from Scharfenberger that what he wrote in that email was false.

Anonymous said...

YEH right1 ....that campaign was two years ago and it's was influenced by back biting,dirty, politically connected liars. Jim Grenafege is an honest and decent man. PERIOD!!!

Jim Grenafege is not running for office and he does a good job as a watchdog in this town. We need more like him,willing to speak out about the obscene excuse for government these republicans impose on us.

ASK the mayor what was said, Im sure he'll be willing to pontificate to further his cause.He's a master of distorting facts and twisting the truth regardless of the issue.

Anonymous said...

This poster thinks Jim Grenafege should have sued the pants off the liars engaged in the slander against him and his running mate.

This mayor pushes the limits of civility and legality always.Is that why the taxpayers are paying a lawyer to SIT AT HIS SIDE at every meeting??

Just proves the caliber of much of what is the Republican party in Middletown today. Leaves plenty to be desired that's for sure !!